About Me


Hello. My name is Jeannine Haffner and I am probably one of the worst fliers in the world! Just ask anyone who’s ever had to fly with me…my mom, my sister, friends, boyfriends…heck, even downright strangers! They’ve all experienced my hand snaking over and grabbing theirs in a death grip whenever we hit the slightest turbulence, me asking ‘What was that? Is something wrong? Are we gonna be okay?’ or having to hide their faces in embarrassment when the people sitting in front of us turn around to check out what’s up with the weirdo in the row behind them who appears to be crying for no reason? If you ask my former flight mates, they’ll roll their eyes, shake their heads, and tell you emphatically ‘Yes-she’s the Worst!’ It’s pretty much a family joke…just like my mom’s irrational fear of birds. LOL Sorry mom.

I’m also a Taurus, a huge animal nut, a lover of good books and movies/TV series (Thank you Netflix!), and a bit of a singer/songwriter on occasion. I like to walk, hike, and explore new neighborhoods on foot. I really enjoy doing the Airbnb thing when I travel so I can feel like I’m a local. I don’t like to cook but I very much appreciate good food and wine…as we Taureans do! I also really enjoy taking photos, travel and otherwise. I have a photography business called www.taurusphotography.smugmug.com.

Recently, I was looking through a bunch of photos I have stored on my computer (and in the cloud) and I realized that, for someone who absolutely detests flying, I have really done a fair amount of travelling…all over the US and a handful of trips abroad! Patting myself on the back right now for facing my fears over and over so I can to get to the good stuff…some awesome vacation spot that’s calling my name or family back home in Chicago (or other locales) who want to see me. I don’t always succeed in facing my fear of flying and actually getting on that plane. But, I am trying to get better and braver about it every day…and I also try to get to the airport earlier nowadays to just hit the bar as hard as possible before I go!

I love to travel! There’s nothing quite like walking out of an airport and just breathing in the different air of a new place. I feel a renewed zest for living fill my whole body at that moment and I can’t wait to immerse myself in the local culture of wherever I’ve landed. Now, granted, this first deep breath comes right after I kiss the ground and thank God for another safe flight! Wink Wink

I’m a fairly recent transplant from Chicago, IL (Go Cubbies!!) to the Austin, Texas area…Georgetown, TX to be exact. ‘Gtown’ is about 30 minutes north of downtown Austin unless traffic is awful…which it usually is! Luckily, I have discovered that, believe it or not, there is life in the suburbs of Austin! The whole Austin metro area is booming and I still have lots to discover about the city and my suburban stomping grounds. In my blog, I’ll spend time doing just that and sharing what I find with you! I’ll also share stories about all the other places my travels take me.

So, thanks for stopping by and I hope my blog posts will entertain and inform you. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even get to fly together sometime…but only if you’re very unlucky! LOLJK…sort of…




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