50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX! #34 Play Chicken S**t Bingo!

34. Play Chicken S**t Bingo!

Some of the more ‘kid friendly’ places call it ‘Chicken Poop Bingo’. Either way, Chicken Bingo is a central Texas tradition that you must try! For many years on Sundays, Austin locals have been filling up Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon for a “keep it weird” version of Bingo that involves chickens, chicken feed, and what happens after chickens eat. Ginny’s is the place where it all started back in 2002. But now, several other spots offer Chicken S**t Bingo as well.

Recently, my pal, Gus, and I ventured way down into Southwest Austin to the Last Stand Brewery to check out their version of Chicken Poop Bingo. The brewery is tucked up on a little hill behind a warehouse complex in the Fitzhugh Ranch area. The tap room is cute and pet friendly, which is always a bonus! For $10, Gus tried a flight of 4 beers from a list of 12. His fave was the rich, dark Coffee Porter. I had a cider and it was ‘pear-licious’!

Inside is nice but outside in the beer garden is where all the ‘poultry based’ excitement takes place. Here’s how it works…For $2 you get a ticket with a number on it that corresponds to a number on the game board. There are squares randomly numbered 1-25. The chicken handler sprinkles a little food all over the board to get the chickens interested, gently places two chickens onto the game board, and then the crowd waits for one of the chickens to poo on a number. The owner of that number is the winner of some cold, hard cash…$50 to be exact. So simple, yet so brilliant!

The chickens at Last Stand Brewing Company only ‘work’ one day a month (the third Sunday). Being the animal lover that I am, I grilled their handler and he said they live a lovely life in a chicken coop in back and they roam freely around the yard when they feel like it. They seemed pretty comfortable with all the people, and even all the dogs, that were hanging out in the beer garden. That guy in front was Furry!! Never seen anything like it…I guess because I’m from Chicago. Apparently, there is a type of chicken called ‘Silky’. Who knew?! ;PChicken Shit Bingo

The beer garden area is so laid back and chill. There are tons of picnic tables and comfy chairs all painted in fun colors. The yard is complete with all the popular outdoor games like Bags, Giant Jenga, etc. Pretty lights are strung through the trees to give you that ‘Austin’ glow in the evening. Of course, no Austin area beer garden is complete without a food truck, so Last Stand has one of those too!

The crowd that day was super down to earth and friendly. We met these nice folks and their ADORBS (and fierce!) little flufflball, Bodie. Bodie was having fun chillin’ on his dad’s lap and growling under his breath at the chickens. Bodie’s dad said that they have been coming to Chicken Poop Bingo here for two years (since the brewery opened) and they actually won the $50 once…enough to almost pay for all the times they’ve played. LOL

The grownups all seemed very happy and relaxed as they sipped their drinks, gambled, and watched their kids and pets playing in the yard. We didn’t win anything but we had a blast spending the afternoon enjoying this ‘clucking’ awesome Austin tradition!


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