50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX #32 Shop the adorable ‘Escape’

32. Shop the adorable ‘Escape’

I wandered into The Escape at 713 S. Main Street a few weeks ago and what a pleasant surprise I got! This lovely gift shop is full of unique and gorgeous treasures from all over the world. The folks who work there are so warm and welcoming (in true Texas style) and they made me feel right at home. As my eyes took in all the pretty things, I had a good time chatting with the staff and with some of the other customers. There was alot to talk about because it was the weekend after Hurricane Harvey and lots of people in central Texas have people in the Houston area so…

My favorite thing about The Escape was the rainbow of colors everywhere I looked. Btw, this post is heavy on the pics because there were so many good photo ops here! Something about bright, fun colors just makes you feel good. The pleasant atmosphere made me want to poke around in there for ages…and I’m honestly not a big shopper, ordinarily.Scarves

Their tag line is ‘fine crafts and gifts’ and they told me that their specialty is ‘artisan creations‘. The store is bursting with cool, one of a kind objects. They showcase over 300 artists from all over the world and some locals, too. I like these delicate silver necklaces…

The Escape carries everything from jewelry, candles, bags, and beautiful scarves to wall art, ornaments, wind chimes, and lighting. I want all of it! But, I totally do not need more stuff-Gah! Instead, I think I will need to pop in there around Christmas time to find special gifties for my friends and family. Wink Wink

These fish vases are Killing Me. The store website says they are actually called ‘Gurgle Pots’. Either way, I love them so much! It’s a problem.Fish Vases

The Escape is not one of the many newcomers to the square as their store has been there for 21 years. The owners, Johan Kritzinger and Loela Barry, are enjoying watching Georgetown grow and become so popular. The booming population certainly doesn’t hurt business, either!

As the holidays approach, more and more shoppers will descend on the square. Can you believe it is already getting to be that ‘gifty’ time of year?? What is this thing? Click on it to find out! 😉

I stole this next pic from The Escape’s website. They carry these Solmate Socks that are just gorgeous! Perfect for when it FINALLY cools off around here…ya know, like for those three hours in January? Bahaha! But seriously, so pretty and they look so comfy!! You could take them along when you go on a trip somewhere nice and chilly! 121000022-2

So, if you find yourself in downtown Georgetown, TX (Hello-It’s the fastest growing town in the country right now!), don’t be shy. These folks really are so nice and helpful and the selection of interesting gift items is Adorbs! Once you go inside the store, you’ll see what I mean about wanting to stay for a while…

The Escape is located at 713 S. Main St, Georgetown, TX 78626


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