50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX #31 Discover ‘Recycled Art’ at Texas Design Company


31. Discover ‘Recycled Art’ at Texas Design Company!

I’ve been meaning to check out Texas Design Company ever since I saw their posting on Facebook. It mentioned ‘recycled art’ and that sounded cool to me. For some reason, I decided to stop in a few days ago, on one of the hottest and most humid August days ever in Texas. Dear God!! As luck would have it, most of the place has no air conditioning. LOL This seems to be how I roll…

Despite the heat, I ended up having a great experience because Tina Roach, one of the husband and wife co-owner team, was so cool and fun to talk to! She was in the workshop area when I wandered in and she showed me the cute sign she was working on…also an old door she was in the middle of re-purposing for a woman to use as a ‘shabby chic’ bathroom shelf.

She could not have been nicer even though I interrupted her in the middle of her work. That’s Texas people for ya’! While she was showing me around and telling me about what they do there, I noticed this aqua heart with the wings sitting in her workshop. Remind you of anything?? Hello! Castaway! I loved that flick and seeing that symbol made me feel like I had walked right into the movie. Tina says she hears that alot.

Get inspired to make your own creations…

At Texas Design Company, they create lots of beautiful and rustic recycled furniture…some ‘made-to-order’ and some to sell in the store. Tina also designs fun jewelry and art pieces while her husband and partner, Robert, does welding, wood carving, and more! She says they mostly go to auctions and buy old doors, windows, etc. from homes that are being torn down. Then, they re-purpose them into all kinds of clever pieces. They also sell lots of doors and windows to folks looking to create their own things.

The studio area is large and Tina says they actually have classes sometimes on how to make your own recycled art and home furnishings out of pieces of ‘found’ wood and metal, discarded windows, doors…you name it! Her husband Robert has his ‘man cave’ area in the studio where he does the welding. She tells me that they are thinking of offering ‘Date Night’ classes where couples can come in and the guys can work on welding while the ladies drink wine and make art, jewelry, etc. Sounds like a plan!

The ‘store’ portion of Texas Design Co consists of three more rooms, one of which is air conditioned. That was my fave room! LOL One room contains Tina’s cute jewelry line and lots of cheeky signs and fun decor you might want for the bar area or family room. They’ve re-used items in genius ways you’d never dream of! My personal favorites were the animal sculptures I saw everywhere. You can bring them a pic of your pet and they will adorably ‘recreate’ it out of…who knows what?!



Texas Design Company is an easy one block stroll from the square in Georgetown. Tina says they have been open there for 2 years but the couple has been happily living and making art together for much longer. Her husband Robert has an art degree and Tina worked in landscape design. So, they were both artists in their own right before they met back in Kansas 24 years ago. Tina grew up on a tree farm and gives her grandma all the credit for teaching her how to sew and re-purpose all kinds of things when she was a little girl.

If you find yourself on the square in Georgetown or you are looking to buy or make some great pieces of art, furniture…or ‘whatnot’…for your house, do yourself a favor and discover Texas Design Company. It’s a unique and delightful place that is so worth the short trek down the block to 403 West 7th Street!


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