50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX #28 Hit a Beach Party!

28. Hit a Beach Party!

My girlfriends and I just went to our first Texas Beach Party last month (believe it or not, they have beach parties in the middle of hot, dry Texas) and it was a blast! The venue, Beachside Billy’s (used to be Volente Beach), sits right on Lake Travis in Austin TX. It’s a water park by day and hosts 18 and up ‘Beach Bash’ nights once a month all Summer long. They kick all the kids out and it’s grownups only after 7pm on the night of the party. The bars open up and awesome live bands entertain the crowd all night. Count me In!

This was my first time there and I chatted with some of the staff who were busy tending one of the the beach bars (actually a boat filled with ice and booze). They were super nice and seemed very happy to see the big crowd enjoying the space. I had to compliment them on ‘what they’ve done with the place’. Some of my Texan friends who’ve been there before said it wasn’t nearly as nice in the past. Well, it is beautiful now!

There is a lovely and spacious lakeside beach area with plenty of lounge chairs and a view of the brand new boat dock. There’s a pool with a volleyball net and lots of comfy seating all around it. You can swim but you certainly don’t have to. I’d say about half the folks there were swimming and the other half were just ‘chillaxing’ and soaking up the ‘beachy’ atmosphere. There’s something about being by the water that’s just ‘good for the soul’…especially in Texas in Summer. Hello!

Ooh, this is cute! :O

There is a large beach volleyball area below the main restaurant/bar/outdoor stage (the whole place is kind of tiered down towards the beach). During the beach parties, one of the volleyball courts is transformed into a relaxed seating area with soft, cushy chairs and couches and several big tables to gather around. You can order food, have a drink, enjoy the live music, and let the twinkling tiki torches and string lights soothe you into full ‘weekend mode’ while you decide if you want to go shake your booty…or not.

The band that played when my friends and I went was called Rotel and the Hot Tomatoes and I cannot overstate how much fun they were. You guys Rock! It’s a full band with a horn section and three great female singers who wear over the top costumes from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. They are so fun and energetic and they played music that everybody loves. By halfway through the second set, most of us were on the dancefloor. The whole band is super talented but I really have to hand it to those singers. It was about 95 degrees out and they looked fabulous in full on wigs, lashes, GoGo boots, etc. and they danced their asses off! I do not know how you ladies do it!! :O

IMG-3822My friends and I had so much fun last time that we are planning to go to the next party in August. We can’t wait! If it’s been too long since you went to a beach party (or if you’ve never done it), you really should do yourself a favor and check it out. You can thank me later!

Here are the details for the next party…

2017 Beach Bash at Beachside Billy’s

Formerly Adult Nights, Beach Bashes are even more fun! We will be welcoming some extremely entertaining and talented bands throughout the summer.  Waterpark will be open only to adults (18+) after 7:00 p.m.

  • Waterpark Doors Open at 7:00pm | Party Keeps Rockin’ Til’ 12:30pm

  • Live Concert

  • Enjoy the Lagoon Pool, Body Slides, Side Winder, Swim Up Tiki Bar, Water & Beach Volleyball, Great Music, Great Food & Libations! So…come bikini and board shorts ready!

  • Ages 18 & up. No Coolers or Alcohol. Bags will be checked. Please bring valid ID.

Remaining 2017 Dates
Aug 19th – Peoples Choice Band
Sept 3rd – LC Rocks

Peoples Choice Band will be performing live!

The entire facility (restaurant, water park, and beach) will open at 7:00 pm for drinking, eating, dancing, water slides, swimming, and sand volleyball. Band plays from 8:00 until 11:00.

Tickets for this event can be purchased online for $10 or for $12 at the door. Go to https://secure.affinipay.com/pages/beachside-billys/adult-night-tickets for tickets (under adult night) and additional information. No coolers or alcohol allowed at event. All bags will be checked.

Tips for adult night at Beachside Billy’s…

Dance floor is concrete and outside with no shade. Be careful of people dancing barefoot, especially if you are wearing heals or boots. Probably not a good idea to wear heels or boots! Beach attire is appropriate and recommended.

Storage lockers are available in the water park via credit card.

There are no shower facilities. Use wash rooms for changing or come dressed for the water park.


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