50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX! #27 Make A Photo Memory

27. Make A Photo Memory

Anna Kraft is not a model. But, when you meet her, you’ll swear she must be! She’s tall and beautiful and she looks amazing in front of the camera. But, once you spend a few minutes with her in her cozy photography studio above Quenan’s Jewelers at 700 S. Austin Ave in Georgetown, you quickly realize that her real passion lies not in being in front of the camera, but instead in working behind the camera to bring out the very best in her subjects.

HorseMaybe you’re a new mom and you want to capture images of you and your precious little baby before they are all grown up. Maybe you just got engaged and want to celebrate the special moment with your fiance. Or maybe you just want a great shot of you and your horse! This is Texas, after all. No problem. Anna has you covered.

From the first ‘pre-consultation’ meeting to hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling and then throughout the photo shoot, Anna will take you step by step through the whole process and make it fun and easy. She says her main goal is to “help you loosen up and pose so you feel comfortable and look great!”

CameraThe fee for the ‘sitting’, which includes all of the above, is surprisingly reasonable at $275. Two weeks after your shoot, you also get to come back for your ‘Chocolate Covered Strawberry and Prosecco’ Photo Reveal! During your 2 hour shoot, Anna may take up to about 250 pictures. When it’s all over, she will choose 25-35 of the best shots and do any necessary editing. You will get to pick from those during your ‘Reveal’. One matte portrait is $225 and prices go down as you buy more. You also receive digital copies of whatever you purchase.

FullSizeRender_6Anna has had her studio on the square since December and says she’s basically had a camera in her hand “forever”. She moved to Georgetown in 2016 to marry her hubby, who is from the Hill Country. She’s working hard to build her business and part of that is doing non-profit work. She says one of her favorite recent ‘pro bono’ shoots was with the folks at Brookwood, a local vocational community.

WardrobeShe is dedicated to her craft and she says it is especially fun when everybody involved in the shoot gets “on board”. For instance, maybe a guy buys his gal a boudoir shoot? Anna says these aren’t advertised on her website but she does offer them and I’ve seen some of the pics. They are really lovely and tasteful…and can be lots of fun to have for yourself or to share with a significant other. She has lots of fun wardrobe you can choose from for your shoot and she helps you figure out which clothes to bring from home as well, no matter what kind of shoot you are doing. She’ll help you get creative!

You can go for just a single photo or fill a whole album…or try a ‘Folio’ Box, which is a fancy customizable box that you can put individual matted photos in. These are nice when you are building a special collection…say you start with a few of your favorite pics from your wedding, then add pics of your baby, then more of your kids as they grow, etc.

Whatever your photo shoot goals are, you’re sure to walk away with a beautiful and meaningful photo memory when work with Anna Kraft Photography!


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