50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX #25 Enjoy a Delicious Feast…at the Movies!

25. Enjoy a Delicious Feast…at the Movies!

We all know that cable networks, Netflix, etc. have forced movie theaters to really ‘up their games’ over the last 10 years or so in order to stay competitive. As far as awesome movie/food/drink venues in central Texas go, Austin boasts the very cool and very ‘Retro’ Alamo Drafthouse. Here in the burbs (Round Rock, in particular), we are very lucky to have Flix Brewhouse! I’ve been to both and here’s how they stack up! 

JL_Wonder_WomanWhile both theaters offer dinner, drinks, and movies under one roof, Flix can boast that they are actually America’s Only First-Run Cinema Brewery! I didn’t even realize that when I was there recently with some gal pals seeing Wonder Woman. Pretty neat! The Austin area is all about craft beer brewing so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

I kinda’ love their philosophy, too…We’re on a mission during our short time in this world to make it a happier, craftier place. We craft in our breweries, we craft in our kitchens, and we are always trying to be better every single day.  We hone, we learn, and then we share our craft through film and fun… raising each other up and enjoying life’s sweet nectar every chance we get.’ Maybe they are trying to be cute but I love all that stuff about ‘making the world a better place’ and ‘enjoying life’s sweet nectar’! Why not? The world needs more of that, no?

Interior architecture photography by austin photographer david hillMy pals and I had a great time on our night out at the movies! The seats are big and comfy at both Flix and Alamo and you reserve them ahead of time, which is nice. They have big tray tables that slide out so you can eat and drink. There is a little light on each table so you can see what you’re doing. Pretty important if you’re on a first date, I’d say. It’s tough to look sexy with pizza all down the front of your shirt! My only complaint is that the seats don’t recline in either venue. But, I suppose that if they did, you’d have half the theater patrons napping through the most of the movie. At least I know I’d be napping! LOL Otherwise, I’m not sure why they don’t. There certainly seems to be enough room around each seat. Oh well…’champagne problems’…

The servers at both Flix and Alamo are friendly and they deserve a big shout out for getting your orders to you as fast as they can, in the dark, without spilling everything along the way. That can’t be an easy job! :O The food is delish at both venues as well. I like the Fried Pickles at Flix. Yum! I had the Brie & Onion Burger with Truffle Aioli and a Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake at Alamo Drafthouse while watching Star Wars: Rogue One. Both the food and the movie were EPIC!!!

Speaking of Great Movies…

(Spoiler Alert: Chris Pine is in Wonder Woman and he’s Adorable!)

At Flix, you can hang out at the large and inviting bar in the lobby before or after your movie. You can see those shiny beer barrels peeking out from above/behind the bar in this pic. Flix Round Rock is the boutique chain’s flagship location. They are proud of their craft beer selection and their mainstay beer list includes something for everyone…10 Day Scottish Ale, Luna Rosa Wit, Lupulus IPA, Umbra Chocostout, and more!

Flix Bar

movieposterFlix shows mainly popular first run movies. Alamo does too…but they also do alot of special event screenings. For instance, this Summer, they are hosting a Kanye West ‘Glow In the Dark’ Video Dance Party, a Girlie Night Slumber Party featuring films like Clueless, Pretty In Pink, and Dirty Dancing, and a Predator movie party celebrating Aahh-nold at his ‘buff’est! Is that a word?

Alamo is a little bit more pricey than Flix. If you wanted to go see Wonder Woman tonight at prime time, you’d pay $10.90 at Flix and $12.18 at Alamo (Mueller location). As far as location goes, I tend to go to Flix more often because it’s in Round Rock, closer to my house. But, Alamo has a bunch of locations all over Austin. So, whatever works! Whichever theater you choose, you’re in for a treat!


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