50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX! #24 Grab a ‘Brewski’ at Rentsch Brewery

24. Grab a ‘Brewski’ at Rentsch Brewery!

If you’re feeling a tad thirsty in the Texas Summer heat (and how can you not be when it’s about 100 degrees every day??), and you find yourself in in the north burbs of Austin, be sure to stop in and visit Rentsch Brewery, the first craft brewery in Georgetown, Texas. Rentsch recently re-opened right off the Northeast Inner Loop. The owners have moved the brewery to a new location at the end of the industrial park (they used to be in the middle of the building) and have doubled the brewery’s size!Here’s a peek at the giant beer barrels in the ‘cold room’…So Shiny! ;PFullSizeRender_1

Inside the ‘tap room’, you can buy 5 tokens (good for 5 beers) for $20…not too shabby! The yellow one on the left is called a Radler. It’s Rentsch Hefeweisen and Lala’s Lemonade mixed together to make a light, sweet, and refreshing brew. That was my choice since I’m not a big beer drinker. I give it two thumbs up!! The frothy one on the right is the rich, smooth Rentsch IPA-a very popular choice here!

The change in location for the brewery brings with it a spacious outdoor area that boasts some large and lovely trees. They provide shade for the whole 5000 square foot beer garden! You can bring your kids and let them run around and have fun while you kick back and enjoy the live bands. Rentsch is pet friendly too…always a huge plus in my book!

The music is free and, this Summer, it’s on Saturdays from 6 to 8pm. You definitely want to double check that Rentsch is open before you head over because they do have limited hours…Tuesday-Thursday 4-8pm, Friday 4-9pm, and Saturday 12-9pm.

Thinking about brewing some beer yourself?

If you get hungry while you’re visiting, Rentsch has different food trucks each week. Jimmy Vega’s Smokehouse was there when I visited and the brisket was ‘melt in your mouth’ good. The corn on the cob and coleslaw were yummy too!Food Truck

Rentsch Brewery was the brainchild of father and son David and Andrew Rentschler. On their website, they explain that son Andrew was studying German in Europe when he picked up the “extracurricular activity of ‘studying’ biergartens”. Too funny! He noticed that the focus was on enjoying the quality of local craft beers. He also liked that these venues provided a place for friends and family to hang out and enjoy each others’ company. Andrew’s family met him in Europe during a break and he shared his concept with them. So, it was at an actual biergarten that the dream for Rentsch Brewery began.

unnamedThe family have obviously put alot of love and dedication into creating this wonderful spot! I especially like that Rentsch is environmentally conscious. Their all electric brewing system was built to take advantage of the city’s wind powered energy grid, making their production 100% renewable. Very cool and fits right in with the Greater Austin mindset, I’d say!

There’s alot to enjoy about Rentsch, from the setting to the music to the beers themselves. I think this old Czech proverb they share on their webpage sums things up quite well…

“A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.”


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