50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX #21 Go to a Round Rock Express Game

21. Go to a Round Rock Express Game!

Summer is here and so it must be time for baseball! I, for one, am totally uncoordinated…especially when it comes to sports that involves hitting a ball with any sort of instrument; bat, racket, club…you name it! Just ask my brother or sister! Right guys? So, I was honestly never all that interested in team sports…except for being on the sidelines as a cheerleader way back in the day…and that was only because I liked the outfits! I know-I’m lame.

But, in 1985, I inadvertently became a football fan. One Sunday, I decided to ask my dad and my bro to please explain this game that they were watching on tv after church. This was Way Back in the Day when there was one tv in the house and only a few channels…no smart phones, computers, or tablets to escape to. So, it was either learn to enjoy whatever the majority was watching or go play outside.

Da BearsAnywhoo, since I’m terrible at sports and I like sitting around inside watching tv, I picked the former. The game they were watching turned out to be the first game of the Chicago Bears 1985 NFL season. They gave me the basics and, suddenly, I enjoyed watching football a whole heck of alot more! I watched every game that year. The Bears rewarded me (and all their other fans) by having a 15-1 season and beating the New England Patriots 46-10 in the Superbowl. Hence, a new ‘Superfan’ was born! Da’ Bears! Ah, the good old days…sigh.

CubbiesSo, for all these years, I have been mostly a football girl. But, last year, the Chicago Cubs got me really excited about baseball when they went ‘all the way’ and won the World Series after a 108 year drought! I know, I know. I’m one of the many new ‘bandwagon’ fans. I freely admit it. But, can you blame me for loving those Cubbies?! I feel especially nostalgic for my ‘Chitown’ teams since I now live 1100 miles away and I appreciate that ‘touch of home’ more than ever. Btw, it’s so great that we can actually catch some Cubs games on TV way down here in Texas now that the team is finally so popular!

So, I guess I’m just an ‘all around’ sports fan now! I know my sister Laurie is gagging with laughter right now if she is reading this. She was always busy kicking butt at sports while I was playing Barbies, dressing up like a princess, and secretly dancing in front of my bedroom mirror. Hahaha

Anyway, the point of all thRR Expressis blather is that we have a minor league baseball team right here in Central Texas…and only about 20 minutes away from my house…the Round Rock Express…and I am now a big fan of theirs!

Recently, my friend Kelley and I went to a game on an absolutely gorgeous early May evening. It was May 4th, to be exact, so they were doing Star Wars Night (May the 4th Be With You! LOL). They really did it up right with Storm Troopers at the front entrance and Star Wars characters walking around taking pics with folks. I saw lots of cute little Jedi Warriors and Princess Leias running around as well. I think maybe there was a discount for dressing in character. I felt like I was at Comic Con or something! They even showed parts of the Star Wars movies on the Jumbo Tron between innings and did re-enactments from the movies out on the field. Very cool!

It was about 74 degrees out and breezy. Pretty sure we won’t see another evening like that around these parts for about 6 months! Seriously, it’s like 99 degrees every afternoon/evening lately. Oy! We got really lucky. I highly recommend going early in the season unless you love the heat…cuz it is Hardcore! The Texas sun is no joke, baby! Either that or make friends with someone who has access to those nice, air-conditioned suites! Wink Wink

One of my Fave baseball movies of all time…

Tickets are relatively cheap compared to MLB games. We sat in the left field section, which we fondly renamed ‘Foul Ball Country’ after we almost got hit by about 7 foul balls! Something tells me we aren’t the first ones to come up with that name. Hehe Our tickets were $17 each and would have been a few bucks cheaper if we hadn’t waited till game day to buy them. Seats out in the bleachers are only $8 each.

I’m glad the seats were inexpensive because the parking, food, drinks, etc. are a little pricey! $10 to park my car…Ouch! Also, I got this chocolate shake that cost $8! What?! Okay, I imagine all this would easily be twice as much, if not more, back up in Chicago. I guess Texas has spoiled me with it’s otherwise affordable prices on just about everything else! Anywhoo, while it pained me to pay $8 for a chocolate shake, I’ll admit, it was the best damn chocolate shake I’ve ever had! Oh, so creamy and delicious…and the glass it came in was so Adorbs! Thank you Fairlane’s Diner. There are actually a ton of different vendors to get your grub on…if you don’t mind the cost…everything from burgers, hot dogs, pizza and ice cream to deli sandwiches, fish and chips, quesadillas and BBQ (of course!). The drink selection doesn’t disappoint with craft beers, frozen margaritas, wine, and something called ‘Famous Beer Shakes’. Not a beer drinker so I think I’ll have to let some brave friend try one of those next time.

The Dell Diamond is a really beautiful (maybe I should call it handsome?) venue that is inviting and easy to navigate. The folks who own and run tIMG_3161he operation do a wonderful job of making the whole experience fun and family friendly. There is a ‘Fun Zone’ area for the kids with a pool, spa, and picnic area nearby! They host special events daily including Half Price Tuesday, Thirsty Thursday (when you can get a discount on drinks), Friday Fireworks, Saturday Concerts, and more!

The Express didn’t win the night we were there but they made a big comeback in the 9th inning and almost won! It was exciting…and just an overall fun way to spend an evening. I highly recommend taking your family…or just yourself…’out to the ballgame’! I’m so glad I went and now I see why baseball is one of  ‘America’s Favorite Pastimes’!


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