…and now for something Completely Different!

Do in GreaterThis week, I am taking a break from my usual ‘101 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX’ series to bring you something very important…wait for it…a bunch of cute animal pictures! Yay!! I know-shocking, right? ;P

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an extreme animal nut from way back. Recently, I was moving some pics into the cloud to clear up space on my phone and I realized that I have a YUGE number of cute pics of all my adorable animal buddies…whether they are my pals from pet sitting jobs (my ‘day’ job), sweet ‘pound puppies’ and kitties from the Georgetown Animal Shelter, friend’s pets, random animals I meet out in the world, or my own spoiled rotten little ‘man’. They are just too cute to sit there in obscurity, gosh darn it! They must be shared with the world!!

So, let’s jump right in…

These first 2 pics are of random dogs who were just minding their own business until I saw them and forced my way into their lives. I can’t help myself. It’s a problem, I know. But, I mean, look at that first one! I met her on the Riverwalk in San Antonio and I don’t remember her name but her mom oughtta’ know that if she dresses her like that, she’s gonna attract attention. Something tells me she’s used it. She’s more ‘photo ready’ than a Kardashian! ;P I ran into these other dogs in Whistler, Canada last fall. I was still high from my Dramamine after flying all the way up from Texas. Pretty sure that’s why I look so goofy. The dogs were just like ‘whatever lady’. Hehe

Moving on…we’re walking, we’re walking…I really should have started with my little ‘prince’ aka Bandito aka ‘Deeto’ aka ‘The Badass’…at least, that’s what he wants the wold to think! Most strangers do fear him because he’s such a little meanie when we are out walking in ‘the hood’ (my quiet Georgetown subdivision). LOL He’s a Beast! But, he’s My little beast and I love him! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you …Deeto…in all his glory!

Yes. Bandito is a Cubs fan…of course! ;P

These next cuties just can’t be bothered to stay awake…

They’re all my pet sitting clients/pals…except that last little blond sweetheart. He was my old pal Bizzo, who crossed the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ a couple years ago. Bizzo loved everybody-what an Angel he was! He fell asleep waiting for Santa that night…sigh.

This guy just likes to show off his junk (or maybe I should say…’the place where his junk used to be’…sorry dude. ‘Hello ladies!’


Here are some dogs hard at work…


…helping in the kitchen…


…helping by the grill…


…helping in the office.

And here are some of my friends’ adorable babies…

Yep, those are chickens! I live in Texas so…not all that rare here. The chickens and the two big doggies belong to my pal Tami (of Indigo Sol fame!). The insanely cute little doxie is Clayton, my friend Vanessa’s doggie. And, of course, there’s my little ‘Deeto’ again with his ladies. They are Mika and Izzy, my pal Erin’s little princesses! Chicks dig Deeto. 😉

This is Winston, the friendly rat! He’s a doll…and a little ‘porker’. He loves his treats!


And this is ‘Minute’…I know, no clue how she got that name. She’s one of my pet sitting clients and I adore her! She loves to be held and get rubbies. 🙂


Well, that’s just a little sampling of some of my fave animals in the whole world! But, I see I almost forgot to include kitties…and that just won’t do!


Oops sorry! I meant these kitties!

So, that first baby is a friendly little pal from the Georgetown Animal Shelter. So many great cats and dogs over there. If you’re in the Gtown area, I highly recommend a visit! Check out my post about the Georgetown Animal Shelter here! The other two pics are of my friend Tami’s sweet cats, Suno (the gold one) and Ziba (the grey one). That’s Suno peeking out at you from under the chair, too. Poor little Suno went to Heaven just a few weeks ago and I asked Tami (learn more about her here) if I could include his pics here to honor his life. She kindly agreed…thanks Tami! You are such a good momma to all your kids, human and otherwise! I know Suno is smiling down from Kitty Heaven right now and remembering what a wonderful life he had with you and your family!

So, that’s it for now, folks! I have to get back to taking more animal pics and exploring the greater Austin area. But, I’ll leave you with one more pic…just because. This is a photo I took of a sweet little ‘doxie’ puppy I met a long time ago back in Chicago. I love taking pictures and I think this is one of my best shots ever. But, I can’t take the credit…the angelic subject made it easy!

Adorbs Dachsy

Anywhoo, hope this post made you smile. Talk soon! 🙂


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