50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX #18 Sushi Nini

18. Dive In to Some Fab Fish…and Catch the Big Game…at Sushi Nini!

When you walk in to Sushi Nini in Round Rock, TX, you might think you’re in the wrong place at first because it looks more like a sports bar than a sushi restaurant. But, after living in the Austin area for a while, I realize that things are just kinda’ weird around here. Hence the famous saying ‘Keep Austin Weird’. The normal rules don’t really apply in alot of places and why should this one be any different, right?

FullSizeRender_8Anyway, when I went there recently for the first of what will probably be many times, I only noticed hints of a sushi place. There was an actual sushi bar tucked along the wall past the front door (I totally missed it at first) as well as some paper lanterns hanging over the tables. But, other than that, it was all big tv screens and ‘March Madness’ as far as the eye could see. Based on looks alone, I kept my sushi expectations pretty low. But Wow! Once again, Texas has proved me a fool whenever I’ve judged a book (or a restaurant, in this case) by it’s cover!

I FullSizeRender_9am a big-time sushi lover from way back and I have eaten sushi all over the place! I have to say…Sushi Nini is definitely up there on the list of best sushi bars I’ve been to. The food was Delish and they get extra points for having such an unusual and clever concept!

I went with some girlfriends and everyone was very happy with the food and the service! Our server, David Gonzales, was a total sweetheart and took such good care of us. That’s him in the red t-shirt with the big, friendly Texas-sized smile! We kept him busy and I even ordered a second roll (which I was trying not to do, Dang it!) because the food was so good.

We went during Happy Hour and ordered drinks, rolls, and pieces off that menu. A couple of the ladies ordered off the regular dinner menu. The prices were reasonable and pretty consistent with most other sushi places I’ve been to. My Dragon Roll was fabulous (like I said, I went for a Round 2) and my shrimp pieces were good. My dinner companions were pleased with their food, too! Apparently we weren’t the only ones digging Sushi Nini because the place was packed!

The best thing I ate that night was actually not even sushi! My friend, Mary, ordered the Banana Tempura Ice Cream for dessert, which is banana slices fried in tempura batter and served with Japanese ice cream. They drizzle the bananas with chocolate sauce too! Here’s the thing…I don’t even like bananas as a dessert and I usually don’t like Japanese Ice Cream. But, she was kind enough to let us each try a bite (because it looked so pretty) and it was Amazing!! I think frying the bananas is the secret…at least for my taste buds. It’s only $4.99 so you really have no excuse not to try it. Here’s a pic to whet your appetite… FullSizeRender_10

See what I mean?? I told you!

I had such a nice time here and enjoyed everything about the place. I can’t wait to go back and turn more friends on to this cool sushi/sports bar. Hmmm, maybe to eat and watch the Chicago Cubs win the World Series again…or even sooner to watch the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup again?! Decisions, decisions. LOL Don’t Hate. ;P


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