50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX! #16 Amazing Lash

16. Go Glam like the Texas Girls Do!

When I moved down to central Texas about a year and a half ago, one of the very first things I noticed was that the majority of the women here look like beauty queens! Not even kidding. They literally seem to grow them here! :O

It was, frankly, a little disconcerting at first. But I’ve (almost) gotten used to it. I’m a Taurus and we appreciate all things aesthetically pleasing. We are also all about self-improvement, inside and out. So, I find myself studying (okay, staring at!) all these gorgeous creatures when I am out and about…partially just out of curiosity and partially because I want to steal their secrets! Hey, I’m a girl…it’s what we do!

Amazing Lash before and afterOne of the secrets I got turned on to pretty quickly, thanks to a friend ‘in the know’, is that lots of girls here wear eyelash extensions! I had heard of hair extensions before…but eyelash extensions??!! That was news to me! But, once she told me that, I started noticing that she was right! All (okay, not All…but you get the idea) the women here seem to have these huge, gorgeous, full, dark lashes! That pic is not me-just an example to show you what a big difference lash extensions make!

Amazon…make me feel pretty!

I have short, pale lashes that basically stick straight down so you can’t even see them. The Struggle is real! Sob. But, now, armed with the ‘Texas Lash Extension Secret’ (hehe), I HAD to give it a try!

IMG_2786So, I headed on over to Amazing Lash in Pflugerville and met my new favorite person, Della Allie Flint! Della is a Lash Jedi Princess! She’s the lovely lady in the picture. In the space of about an hour, she took a girl with next to non-existent lashes and turned me into a Wide-Eyed Babe! Okay, I kid. But seriously, when she was done with me, I actually looked like someone with really pretty (but not ridiculously unnatural) eyelashes!

The lashes I got are just enough to make my eyes look more fresh and awake! (Hello, 40+ year old ladies! You know what I’m talking about!) They light up my whole face and are way cheaper than an eye lift! Wink Wink. There are several different styles you can choose from-natural looking all the way to Kardashian. I can see why people are addicted to them! Hey, it’s healthier than crack…but probably about as expensive! LOL

Yeah, lash extensions ain’t cheap. But, what a fun way to get yourself all prettied up for that special occasion?…or just to look great every day?! I recommend looking for Groupons if you’re a first timer wanting to try them out. You can also get a better deal if you sign up for the Monthly Fill Programs that most lash places offer…if you happen to become addicted. 😉

Amazing Lash is a really pretty salon with chandeliers and a bright pink and white motif. John, who works at the front desk, is very nice and makes you feel welcome right away! They are open every day so getting in for an appointment is no problem. Your stylist takes you into a private room and you lie down on a soft and comfy table. They have blankets and leg bolsters, too…and a nice selection of music to relax you. Della says alot of folks fall asleep when they get their lashes done. But, I am way too ‘squirrely’ for that to ever happen. Luckily, Della is a super cool and interesting person so our hour together flew by!

Here’s a friendly tip…if you wear contact lenses, Take Them Out Before You Start!! They tape your lashes and lids down and your eyes can start feeling really dry if you leave your contacts in. Also, go easy on your face and eye area for a few days afterwards until you get used to having the lashes on. It’s easy to accidentally rub your eyes and pull those delicate new lashes right out! Della does such a great job, though, and the lashes will last almost a month if you’re careful with them.

FullSizeRender (1)

That’s me! I love my lashes and it’s so nice to wake up and look in the mirror and feel pretty first thing in the morning. No mascara needed or anything! So, as Christina Aguilera tells us…‘You’re beautiful…In every single way’…but a little extra help never hurts, right? XOXO


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