50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX #14 Georgetown Winery

14. Sample some Great Texas Vino at the Georgetown Winery!

When you think of great wine destinations, what pops into your head? California? Yes. France? Yes. Texas? Um… That’s what I thought, too, before I started exploring some of the wineries in central Texas (and there are lots of them popping up these days). Recently, my friend Gus and I visited the Georgetown Winery for a tasting (only $10 for 4 rounds) and we were pleasantly surprised by some really delicious vinos!FullSizeRender_5Georgetown Winery’s location right on the Georgetown Square is easily accessible and the winery/store is adorable! There is a bar for tastings and some tables if you want to sit and enjoy a full glass of wine.While you’re there, be sure to check out all the fun ‘grape’ related gift items, the large selection of olive oils and flavored balsamic vinegars, and the humidor full of rich-smelling cigars. Gus tried a cigar called ‘Blondie’ and he liked it so much, he wants to go back and get more!

But, the real star of the show here is, of course, the wine! Georgetown Winery has won awards for their wines all over Texas and as far as California, Indiana, and New York. In fact, our lovely tasting host, Anni, told us that Texas is actually in 3rd place behind only California and New York for wine making in the US. Then, she proved it by turning us on to some Amazing selections!

I ended up starting with a Pinot Grigio, which I liked alot. Gus went right for the reds and had a Pinot Noir from Oregon. I had a tiny taste and it was fab! As we sipped our wine, Anni shared lots of info about the winery and their grapes. The winery’s owners, Dan & Becca Marek, grow about 50% of their grapes and outsource the rest. They make all their wines at their sister location, The Thirsty Mule Winery, in Liberty Hill.

Yay wine!

There are 35 varieties on the menu here and the next one I sampled was a Sweet Peach wine, which Anni tells me is their most popular selection. It was a bit sweet for me but I don’t usually like sweet wines. I like peaches, though, so I had to try it. You can definitely taste the peach, which is very nice. If you like sweet wines, I can see how you could fall in love with this one! Gus had a red blend called Blascksmith Reserve and I didn’t hear any complaints from him.

FullSizeRender_10Next, I got brave and ventured into the reds with the Chambourcin, which was ‘Oh So Smooth’. Gus let me taste his Tempranillo and it was a bit heavy on the tannins for me (Yes, I know a few wine-related terms!)…but he loved it! I finished up with a ‘Primitivo’ Cabernet, which Anni served with some dark chocolate that went beautifully with the wine! Gus went for the Chocolate Cherry Port. Ports are way too sweet for me but to each his own.

A stop at the Georgetown Winery is definitely a great way to spend an hour…or two…if you’re planning a visit to town! I had fun sipping the yummy wines and browsing all the clever gifts in this pretty setting. I am a slow drinker so Anni let me take my last selection with me in a plastic cup, which is a cool policy they have. That way, folks can stroll the Square and not be rushed to finish their drink. The winery closes at 6pm on most weekdays so, if you want plenty of time for your tasting, be sure to get to there before 5pm! On weekends, they stay open until 8pm and have live music!


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