50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX #13 Dos Salsas

13. You’re in Texas so you Have to try Tex-Mex at Dos Salsas!

From the outside, there’s nothing particularly remarkable about Dos Salsas. It looks like pretty much any other Mexican restaurant in the entire world. But, if you happen to walk in on a weekend evening, you’re gonna find out real quick that it is One Hot Spot…and with good reason. You, my friend, have just died and gone to Tex-Mex Heaven!

fullsizerender_1A friend and I recently popped in on a Thursday during Happy Hour and sat at the bar. Our friendly neighborhood bartender, David Maldonado, was super cool and not too terribly busy to chat with us. As he served me my Tall Top Shelf Margarita with fresh everything-Yum! (Happy Hour price $6.50), he told me he started out here in 2013 as a waiter and worked his way to behind the bar. He says he likes working here because Dos Salsas is ‘family owned’. He likes his bosses and the folks he works with…and the patrons, of course! ;P

My friend had a Pacifico Beer ($3.00) and gave it two thumbs up…then ordered another one. So, I’m thinking that’s a pretty good review… Now, it was time to get down to the serious business of ordering up some grub! Dos Salsas has everything you’d expect on a typical Mexican restaurant menu. But, there is also a whole Tex Mex section with dishes I’ve never heard of before like Flaquitas (flour tortillas stuffed with chicken and deep fried, topped with Ranchero sauce and cheese) and Carne Guisada (beef tips cooked slowly in Comino gravy). They also have a whole selection of Quesos on the Appetizer menu, which definitely seems to be a Texas ‘thing’…a delicious and fattening Texas thing! Makes me wonder how all of you stay so fit and gorgeous down here!? I guess that’s why everybody who lives in Texas seems to work out constantly. Hehe

fullsizerender_2The reason I am so nuts about Dos Salsas is their Chili Rellenos! If you’re not familiar with this dish, it’s a roasted Poblano pepper covered with egg batter, stuffed with your choice of filling and topped with Monterey Jack cheese. I know what you’re thinking… Yeah, this is not something you want to eat too often unless you’re deliberately working your way up to 500 pounds! But, it’s SOOOO good! Gotta treat yourself once in a while, right? YOLO!

Anyway, Chili Rellenos is amazing and decadent to begin with. But, Dos Salsas has an Entire Menu Section devoted to it! You can get it with cheese, chicken, beef, pork, or Veggie style…and since we’re in Texas, they make one with brisket. OMG! But, the first time I came here, the Special was Seafood Rellenos (not normally on the menu), and I ordered that.fullsizerender_8 Let me just say…I thought I knew what love was…but, I mean, just Look at her! She’s sexy and she knows it. All that gooey cheese on top of this smooth roasted pepper and it’s stuffed with a Ginormous amount of little shrimps! Seriously, I need to go walk a mile just thinking about you, Seafood Rellenos…BUT I CAN’T QUIT YOU!

My friend had a combo plate and the review was as follows: Tacos were “very big and very good”, Pork Tamale was “smooth” LOL, and the enchilada was “pretty good”…also thumbs up on the black beans. Got it. Hard to be too wordy when you’re stuffing your face with Mexican food! Once you eat your fill, you will likely have enough leftovers for another full meal or two-portions are Generous!

Thinking about making your own Tex Mex?

Needless to say, I’ve never made it to dessert here because I always overdo it on the entree…AND on the chips and salsa beforehand. Come on, who among you doesn’t? But, I’m always tempted and the dessert menu looks quite inviting!

I’ve been here on a Friday night at about 5:30pm and it is wall to wall people. Cray Cray! They don’t take reservations at Dos Salsas so my advice is Get There Ridiculously Early or go on a warmish night (no shortage of those here) and you can get seated pretty quickly outside on the patio. Also, not alot of parking at the Gtown location but street parking nearby is fairly easy. Dos Salsas opened a second location in Cedar Park a few years ago and that one has a big lot.

I need to get back into Dos Salsas again soon and try their Shrimp Cocktail. I saw a lady getting some last time I went and it looked YUGE, which I like…when it comes to food, anyway! 😉 Which reminds me, I’ve also had their Ceviche and it’s great! Finally, while I was there, I grabbed a Breakfast Menu and that looks darn tasty as well. You can get several types of Migas, which is eggs cooked with tortilla chips, onions, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, and topped with cheddar cheese. This is another one of those Tex Mex staples that I think I need to try! On that note, I’ll just say I hope you get a chance to give Dos Salsas a try and ‘Adios Amigos!’

Dos Salsas is located at:

1104 1/2 S Main St in Georgetown, TX 78626, ph. 512-868-8943


1600 E. Whitestone Blvd in Cedar Park, TX 78613 ph. 512-260-7494

1104 S. Main St 
Georgetown, TX 78626
1104 S. Main St 
Georgetown, TX 78626

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