50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX #9

9. Head on over to Hanovers 2 for some Far North Austin Fun!

Okay, so Hanovers 2 is technically in Austin…and my series is mostly about stuff to do in the ‘burbs of Austin. But, ‘H2’ is so far north that it’s on the border of Round Rock…and it’s super cool! So, I’m claiming it for the north suburbs! ;P 

Like so many other things in Texas, Hanovers 2.0 is big! It has over 7,000 square feet of interior space, outdoor sand volleyball courts, and a rooftop deck. It opened in June of 2016 and is the sister bar to the original Hanovers in downtown Pflugerville. I went on a chilly night in January so I didn’t get to venture out to the rooftop deck yet…but I look forward to doing that as soon as things warm up…which won’t be too long around here!

fullsizerender_3The night I was there, popular Austin cover band Suede was playing. I’ve seen them before and they are lots of fun! The stage here is large and sits up high enough that you can see the band pretty well from just about anywhere in the bar. That’s a good thing…especially with a band like Suede, who occasionally throw in some coreographed moves that are pretty slick! The dance floor area is roomy. Even so, I got bumped around by some overzealous lady when I was out there dancing. Oh well, what can you do? I guess Suede got her a little too excited! LOL

Even though the space is pretty cavernous and there’s alot of concrete, somehow the acoustics in the room are still decent. It was crowded but I was able to hear my friends talk when we were having drinks before the show. Speaking of the drinks, Hanover’s 2 has a very cool ‘frost rail’ bar and they make a delicious Dirty Martini! The glass it comes in is cute and I only wish it were a little bit bigger. You can see it below in that pic I borrowed right from the bar’s website. Anyway, the bartender gave me extra olives, so I was happy.

Hanovers 2 is a perfect place to go watch a game. They have lots of big TV screens throughout the room and ample, but uncrowded, seating. There are several comfy couches and semi-private areas in addition to all the bar tables. The parking lot is plenty big and they offer Valet Parking. The night I went, the main lot was full so the parking attendant gave me ‘Free Valet’, which was fine with me! One thing to note: Hanovers 2 is on the frontage road off 35 and it is really easy to miss the turn. So, just be ready for it!

24588I have to share this funny thing that happened the night I was there. Please cover your eyes if you’re easily offended! So, there I am hanging out with my pals and watching the band and this guy walks by in a Cubs t-shirt! If you read my ‘About Me’ page, you know I’m a Chicago transplant..and I am Very Proud of my 2016 World Series Champions Chicago Cubs!

Anywhoo, I stopped him and asked if I could take his picture because I knew I wanted to share it with you here. Just as I snapped the shot, some girl walked by and did this! Oh well, ‘Haters Gonna Hate’. I guess she must have been a Cleveland Indians fan (or maybe a White Sox fan?). I know no Texas lady would dare to be so rude! LOL This just cracks me UP every time I look at it!

fullsizerender_2My girlfriends and I had a blast at Hanovers 2 and I plan to get back in there soon to check out that rooftop deck…and maybe grab a bite! The food selection on their website looks yummy and has me intrigued. I think I see something good going on with brussel sprouts…? I’ll pop back here and update this post once I have a chance to investigate that mystery. Meanwhile, check out Hanovers 2 for yourself and let me know what you think…and be ready for that turn! 😉

Hanovers 2 is at 16912 N I-35, Austin, TX 78728 512-660-5100


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