50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX! #6 Eat Indigo Sol Cookies

6. Eat a Sugar Cookie created by Tami Ritchey at Indigo Sol!

Spoiler Alert: This post will make you hungry! You’ve been warned…

They’re almost too pretty to eat…Almost! But, do yourself a favor and eat one (or two…or more) of these amazing cookies anyway! tami-cookie-variety-cropped

I first met Tami when we worked together in the food trailer at The Doghouse Drinkery in Leander, TX. The Doghouse is a very cool place with a great concept that I will tell you about in another post. Anyway, I took the orders and the money and she did all the hard work of actually cooking the burgers, hot dogs, tacos, etc. in a tiny trailer when it was sometimes 100+ degrees outside! Those were good times. LOL Actually, we had a blast because Tami is a super fun lady and we’d just chat the day away while we worked.

Her food was very popular and I noticed that she’d always bring some special dish that she’d pre-made at home to try out on the crowd. Sometimes it was chili and other times it would be a pulled pork taco recipe…or maybe some queso from scratch. No matter what she brought, folks always loved it and we’d always run out. She’d also bring trays of the prettiest cookies once in a while and I couldn’t believe she’d actually made them herself! But, apparently, she is way into this whole cooking and baking thing. Bless her heart! That’s what we ‘Texans’ say, ya know?! Hehehe

Tami moved up to central Texas from Corpus Christi back in 1993. She says she’s always enjoyed cooking and baking. “For fun, I used to put on pretend cooking shows for my younger sister, Chantel.” Nowadays, she has a houseful of helpers and cookie appreciators! She lives in Round Rock with her adorable kids Emma and Abi (son Evan is in college now) and her boyfriend Jacob. She credits them with being very supportive of her and her new business. “My girls tell me ‘Go Mom! You’re so talented!’ Their encouragement inspires me and I definitely couldn’t do all this without Jacob’s support!”

Speaking of cookie appreciators, we must not forget the two dogs, two cats, two chickens, one teeny hamster and a snake! I got to say ‘Hello’ to all of them…except the snake…I skipped the snake. They are all so cute and sweet. But, the only creature in the house that actually got to do any cookie taste testing when I was there was me!


And how Do they taste, you may ask? Butterylicious! Is that a word?? Well, it is now! That’s the beauty of this whole blogging thing. 😉

When I ask Tami how she became focused on making cookies in particular, she says she initially made cookies and cakes for her kids’ birthdays and other holidays. She posted a few pictures on Facebook and all her friends went nuts over them and started requesting custom cookies for their events!

She says she had already been wanting to start a business where she could be creative so making beautiful cookies just kind of makes sense. In addition to being a talented chef and baker, she is also an artist. She has some of her paintings displayed around her house…a few are shown below. She uses those artistic talents to freehand sketch her cookie designs so she can share them with her clients before she actually starts making the cookies…ensuring happy customers!

Right now, Tami works out of her house. Eventually, she’d like to open a storefront for Indigo Sol so she’ll have more space to create her masterpieces, more ovens to cook them, and room for some helpers so she can keep up with demand…and demand grows every time she posts pictures of her latest batches. Gotta give the people what they want…and they want Tami’s cookies!

The artist at work…

I watched her go through the whole process of making the icing from scratch and hand decorating each cookie and I can tell you, it is Labor Intensive!! But, to Tami, it’s a labor of love. She patiently works her magic using the ‘Wet on Wet’ and other techniques to beautify one cookie at a time. I learned alot watching her and now I get why a pretty gourmet cookie is not cheap! I looked over the prices on her website and, trust me, they’re a bargain!

So, if your tummy is grumbling and you’re ready to try some amazing treats, just go to Indigo Sol and prepare to be happy! Friendly Tip from Me: Don’t Delay-Valentines Day is right around the corner and I have a feeling somebody is going to be getting very busy!


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