Meanwhile, back in Chicago…Day #3 Tom & Eddie’s

Get your Gourmet Burger on at Tom & Eddie’s in Lombard!

Day 3: Shopping Day! We all have our Christmas gift cards in hand, so my lovely nieces Amanda & Olivia (and my beautiful young BFF, Jennie) and I head out to Yorktown Mall to do some damage. But first, we must fortify with some lunch! God knows, we haven’t been eating enough this whole week so…Tom & Eddie’s, here we come!

My friend Angie Humes turned me on to this place a couple years back and I liked it alot so I’ve been back several times. I like the fact that T & E’s combines ‘fast food’ with a slightly more upscale environment that makes you want to sit and relax for a while. I also appreciate that they use fresh ingredients and have alot of healthy options on their menu including the ‘Islander’ Ahi Tuna Burger and the ‘Yin & Yang’ Edamame Burger!

They have plenty of very filling and delicious choices on their Signature Burgers menu…your ‘Classic’ Burger and your ‘Tried and True’ Cheeseburger, etc. Jennie had a Cheeseburger and Fries from the Kids’ Menu and exclaims profoundly…’It was good.’ She’s 14 so…what can I tell you? Amanda had a bit more to say about her Grilled Cheese, Fries, and Black Cherry Soda…’It was good but I think the Oreo Shake would have been better than the soda’.  Guess we’ll just have to go back again next time I am in town, kid. 😉 Olivia gave a rave review of her ‘South of the Border’ Burger and Root Beer…’Both Great!’ Wow, I didn’t think we could get an even shorter review than ‘It was good’ but we managed to do it! Nice job, ladies. LOL

tom-eddiesI tend to always get the Blue Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Here’s how they describe it on the menu…’Breaded Chicken Breast tossed in Buffalo Sauce, topped with Blue Cheese Cream, Chips, Celery Ranch Slaw on a Pretzel Roll’. My mouth is literally watering (and my nose is running…hey, that Buffalo Sauce is Spicy, I’m sorry!) as I type this. You can also have them make a vegetarian version of that one for you with an edamame patty and it is quite yummy as well-I’ve had it!
You can create almost any kind of burger or sandwich you can think of with the ‘Build Your Own Burger’ option. Whether you’re looking for beef, turkey, chicken, tuna, or vegetarian, you can find it here…which is so cool! They also have a ‘Tower of Taste’ where you can spice up your burger even more with all kinds of condiments…from hot sauces to A1 to gourmet mustards and BBQ sauces.

The food really is ‘Delish’, the atmosphere is comfortable and inviting (I like the warm terracotta color of the decor), the prices are very reasonable, and when you’re done eating, you are just steps from the mall where you can spend a few hours trying to walk it off. What’s not to love about this place?

Tom & Eddie’s is located at 348 Yorktown Center, Lombard IL 60148


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