50 Things To Do in Greater Austin, TX #4 Mesquite Creek Outfitters

4. Stop in to shop…and have a drink…at Mesquite Creek Outfitters!

There’s a cool new kid on the block…or should I say ‘on the square’…in Gemesquite-bradorgetown, TX! When I first walked into Mesquite Creek Outfitters , I was a little confused. The sign said ‘Outfitters’ and I saw some clothing in the window. But as I made my way through the crowd and saw the big, rustic looking bar on the right hand wall, and all the people hanging out at tables and on the comfy couch and chairs in the front, I realized I was in  some funky new hybrid space that is actually a really attractive apparel store and a fun place to socialize as well! Since I moved to this area a year and a half ago, I am learning that Texans are good at thinking ‘outside the box’ and doing it on a grand scale and Mesquite Creek Outfitters is a perfect example of that!

To be more specific, Mesquite Creek sells hunting gear…not technical hunting gear but rather “lifestyle gear and outdoor wear”, as co-owner Brad Strittmatter explains. They offer a selection of clothing that can be used for hunting or for everyday wear. Their stuff is really very nice looking and not the usual selection of tan or pink camouflage like you see at Walmart or the big box stores.

“There wasn’t alot for guys on the square”, Strittmatter says when I ask him how he got the idea for this bar/hunting gear store. Well, there sure is now! He and his partner have mesquite-deerturned what used to be an abandoned auto shop into a fantastic ‘Man Cave’ that even has something for the ladies! Their selection of jewelry, clothing, and hand-made soaps kept me and my friend Nancy busy for quite a while…just sayin’. 😉

The space is cavernous but the dark wood flooring and light stone walls are the perfect setting for the big, bold ‘hunting trophies’ and giant fish paintings that remind you that, even though it’s quite pretty, this is a ‘Manly’ store for ‘Manly Men’! I kid, I kid…sort of.

My favorite thing about the whole place is the shiny tin ceiling! I am originally from Chicago where you see tin ceilings in alot of the old buildings and so it feels like a touch of home…and because the ceiling is so high, it was a genius move to set it off with that bright silver mesquite-view-2paint that just draws your eye up there and allows you to really take in the architectural beauty of the place as a whole. It feels majestic and cozy at the same time…and I just love shiny things so…it’s a Win-Win!


The bar itself is fashioned after a hunting lodge and has a selection of craft beer, wine, gourmet pizzas and a fancy meat & cheese tray….drueling…must be getting close to lunchtime! But I digress. You can catch the games on the two flat screen tvs or just mingle with the mesquite-beerslocals at the big communal tables. The staff is friendly and attentive and the relaxed atmosphere makes you want to hang around for a while and sip, browse, repeat if necessary.

Brad and his business partner, Cody Hirt, are also partners in a charity called Veteran Outdoors. The website for the charity is www.veteranoutdoors.com. They actually sell Veteran Outdoors merchandise in the shop, and the proceeds from those sales go directly to the charity. They have plans to do some fundraising events at the store/bar in the near future. ‘We are excited for MCO to be the headquarters for VO because we feel it gives us a chance to talk to more people about the charity and to let them know it’s based right here in Georgetown! This is our 10th year of doing VO, and we have taken over 1200 veterans and family members on adventures. It is an all volunteer organization made up of civilians & veterans.’

I’m happy to say that there are more and more good things happening in downtown Georgetown and Mesquite Creek Outfitters is a standout among them. It’s a ‘Must Visit’ if you find yourself in the area!

Mesquite Creek Outfitters is located at 704 S. Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX 78626


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